PODAL'ICE Cryotherapy Foot Lifting Splint


Cryotherapy foot lift splint EXCELL'ICE has been specially designed and designed to facilitate recovery after surgery or trauma to the forefoot.

It consists of a foot lifting splint and 2 cold packs allowing compressive cryotherapy sessions.



The ICENOV Compression Cryotherapy Foot Splint has been designed to improve post-operative management of forefoot surgery. It helps to fight edema and post-surgical bleeding, while providing an analgesic effect.

Universal size, it adapts to all sizes, and can be used for both left and right feet.

The compression liner has two self-gripping bands: one for adjusting the length of the liner, the other for fixing and maintaining the cold pocket around the foot.

2 cold packs allow you to alternate cryotherapy sessions.

The cold pockets remain flexible to perfectly fit the contour of the foot. Their installation is quick and easy thanks to the hook-and-loop strap.

The ICENOV Foot Splint combines the advantages of compressive cryotherapy and restraint, since a foot lifter (to be used according to your medical prescription) is also provided.