ADAPTATIV Shoes Black / Gray


Podonov has developed a shoe for temporary therapeutic use (CHUT) that can be adapted to all foot pathologies: the ADAPTATIV shoe.

It offers an interior volume compatible with the wearing of corrective insoles or postoperative dressings.

All our shoes are made in France.

Product information:


Podonov has designed the ADAPTATIV shoe to adapt to most foot pathologies. Thanks to its large interior volume, it is suitable for edematous feet, diabetics, with toe deformities or post-operatively following surgery of the forefoot.

The black ADAPTATIV shoes are available with a black or gray sole in sizes 36 to 44.

The relatively high outsole hides a sunken insole, thus making it possible to hide the wearing of corrective soles. This outsole is also wide for better stability and gives a comfortable fit for wide feet.

Putting on is quick and easy thanks to the zippers. The laces make it possible to adapt the volume of the ADAPTATIV shoe to each foot and the zip system then allows easy putting on / taking off.

A system of spacers allows you to reduce the interior volume of the ADAPTATIV shoe and thus keep your shoes on longer once the dressings have been removed and the feet deflated.

The ADAPTATIV combines practicality, volume, dimensions and keeps a fine and aesthetic look, which in no way distinguishes it from current sneakers.

The covering of the black ADAPTATIV shoes is made of synthetic material (polyester).

The shoes are washable with water and mild soap under running water.
Never put in the washing machine and never use solvents.

Choice of size

The shape of the shoe takes into account the increase in the volume of the foot due to the edema following surgery. For post-operative use after removing the dressings, we recommend ordering your usual size. On the other hand, for immediate post-operative use with dressings, we recommend choosing a size above your usual size.

The interior volume of the shoe can accommodate orthopedic corrective insoles (up to 8 mm thick). In this case, choose your usual size.

If in doubt, you can refer to our downloadable pedimeter.

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