PROTECNOV Adult Leg Shower Protector


The PROTECNOV Adult Leg shower protector is a light and waterproof protective cover specially designed for the leg. It allows you to take a shower without risking wetting a plaster cast, a bandage or a scar.

It is easy to put on and take off without pain.


The PROTECNOV Jambe Adult shower protector is waterproof and reusable.

It is made of high quality PVC, polypropylene, rubber and is guaranteed to be latex free. The quality of its materials gives it a longer life than the wearing time of a plaster, a dressing or the healing of a wound.

The PVC cover is transparent and light for more comfort, washable for more hygiene, non-slippery for more safety and does not stick to the skin.

The gray membrane is made of surgical rubber which does not tear and gives it a perfect seal.

Its dimensions are:

Outside diameter : 19 cm
Internal diameter : 17 cm
Height: 70 cm
Foot length: 34 cm