The therapeutic virtues of cold have been known since antiquity and cryotherapy is commonly used today by athletes and health professionals. Compressive cryotherapy consists in applying cold under pressure, so as to increase the effectiveness of the action of the cold. ICENOV compressive cryotherapy splints are particularly suitable for combating pain and inflammation following an injury or surgery, and are part of post-operative RAC or RRAC management protocols, especially for the knee.

    The ICENOV forefoot compressive cryotherapy splint is a world first, developed in collaboration with ORTHONOV, a French company specializing in the design and marketing of compressive cryotherapy devices.

    The ICENOV foot splint has been designed to improve the post-operative consequences of forefoot surgery. It helps to fight edema and post-surgical bleeding, while providing an analgesic effect.

    This splint combines the advantages of compressive cryotherapy and restraint, since it consists of a removable articulated orthosis, a compression system and specific cryogenic gel pockets.