SONOV sock with Articulated Orthosis


The SONOV sock is a medical device for restraining the forefoot. It was developed to fight and manage the development of edema throughout the day.

It is used after surgery or trauma to the forefoot.

A corrective articulated orthosis for the night is also provided in the box.

Designed and made in France. 

Product information:


The SONOV sock is the first forefoot restraint device to be designed, which is a world first.

Post-operatively, the SONOV sock is used after removing the dressings. Post-traumatic it can be used immediately after the trauma, depending on the pain felt.

It also provides a feeling of confidence when walking by supporting the foot and by external proprioception.

The SONOV sock is made up of 3 distinct areas:

 - The front part (the cup), area located on the toes, is a flexible part without compression and not compressive. It can be removed thanks to a system of stop wires that can be cut (deposited model) allowing the toes to be exposed.

 - The middle part, the contention zone, is located in the forefoot and midfoot, where postoperative edema appears. This area prevents the foot from swelling by a compression effect, but without compression in order to avoid pain.

 - The back part, area located on the ankle and the malleoli, is non-compressive. It is wide and more flexible to avoid a tourniquet effect and allow easy entry.

The SONOV socks are machine washable at 30 ° (delicate program without fabric softener). We recommend drying flat away from any heat source.

Important point to know:

In compression socks, stockings or tights, compression only occurs at the calf level, and begins only from the ankle (above the malleoli). At the level of the foot and toes, there is no real restraint, it is just a dressing, which has the same effect as wearing a sock that is too small.

A corrective articulated toe orthosis for the night (to be used according to your medical prescription) is also provided.

Choice of size

The SONOV sock can stretch lengthwise without modifying the compression force. Therefore, in case of doubt, we recommend choosing the smallest size.


I wear 37 ½ - 38, I am between size II and size III, I choose size II.