Complete KILI boot


Podonov has developed for you a model of immobilization boot with removable sole.

Ergonomic, lightweight, this boot will allow you to walk easily after surgery or ankle trauma.

Our boots are entirely made in France. 

Product information:


The Kili boot is the first French 100 % boot with a removable sole. It allows early weight bearing following surgery or ankle trauma (on medical advice).

Its sole is removable so you can take it off before going to bed and wash it.

Made of rubber, it offers good grip on the ground and great cushioning when walking.

This allows the kili boot to have the same overall sole thickness as a standard shoe. So you can walk in a balanced way without hip or back pain.

The side parts of the Kili boot are exposed so as not to compress the operated areas.

The cover is completely removable and washable. As an option you can buy an additional dressing to be able to wash it. Wash with a mild soap, do not machine wash, do not bleach and leave to dry flat. Never put in the dryer.
The sole is hand washable with soap and water. Do not machine wash.
The boot is hand washable with soap and water. Do not machine wash.


Entirely removable, the Kili boot is recyclable.
The boot can be thrown into the yellow bin.
The dressing should be thrown in the clothes bins
The two soles and the velcro are to be thrown in the household waste.