KILI Post-Op Pack


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The Post-Op KILI pack that we offer meets all your needs after your ankle or foot surgery. It consists of a KILI immobilization boot, a cold pack and a protective cover for the shower.

Our boots are entirely made in France.



The Post-Op KILI pack that we offer meets all your needs after your ankle or foot surgery.

Podonov has developed 3 products that each correspond to a specific time after your ankle surgery or trauma.

The KILI boot immobilizes the ankle without compressing the malleolus during the healing phase.
The KILI Cold Pack allows cryotherapy sessions without removing the boot
The Protecnov XL shower protector allows you to take a shower without removing the boot.

KILI boot

The Kili boot is the first French 100 % boot with a removable sole. It allows early weight bearing following surgery or ankle trauma (on medical advice).

Its sole is removable so you can take it off before going to bed. Made of rubber, it offers good grip on the ground and great cushioning when walking.

This thin sole allows the KILI boot to have the same sole height as a standard shoe. So you can walk in a balanced way without developing hip or back pain.

The side parts of the Kili boot are exposed so as not to compress the operated areas.

The cover is completely removable and washable. Wash with mild soap, do not machine wash, do not bleach and lay flat to dry. Never put in the dryer.
The sole is hand washable with soap and water. Do not machine wash.
The boot is hand washable with soap and water. Do not machine wash.


KILI cold pack

The KILI cold pack allows cryotherapy sessions without having to remove the boot. It is particularly effective in providing both an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and edema, while helping to reduce hematomas. It is thus an extremely effective aid in the aftermath of ankle or foot surgery.

The Kili cold pack comes with a Lycra sleeve to protect the skin during cryotherapy sessions.
The cold pack is placed on the front of the ankle inside the boot with the shiny side in contact with the Lycra.
The cold pack is hand washable with mild soap and water, do not machine wash. Leave to dry flat, never tumble dry.

XL Leg Shower Protector

The PROTECNOV Adult Leg shower protector is a light and waterproof protective cover specially designed for the leg. It allows you to take a shower without the risk of wetting a cast, a dressing or a scar.
It is easy to put on and take off without pain.
It is made of PVC, polypropylene, high quality rubber and is guaranteed latex free. The quality of its materials gives it a lifespan that exceeds the time it takes to wear a cast, a walking boot, a bandage or the healing of a wound.
The PVC cover is transparent and light for more comfort, washable for more hygiene, non-slippery for more safety and does not stick to the skin.
The gray membrane is made of surgical rubber which does not tear and gives it a perfect seal. 

Its dimensions are:
Outside diameter : 24.5cm
Internal diameter : 22.5cm
Height: 103cm
Foot length: 34 cm