HALTEN II Beige Shoes


The pair of Halten shoes evolve, and become the Halten II!

Several aesthetic changes have been made to the pair of Halten shoes, which had not undergone any modifications since its launch in 2011.

The toe cap of the shoe has been redesigned, the rear has been reworked as well as the upper eyelets for passing the laces and the color shade changes slightly.

However, the technical characteristics allowing an operated foot to be accommodated with a post-operative dressing are retained (same large interior volume, same wide opening, and identical boat sole in order to generate partial relief of the forefoot).

Product information:


The HALTEN shoe was the very first pair of closed forefoot relief shoes for therapeutic use on the market; for greater comfort it evolved and became the Halten II!

It was developed to receive postoperative dressings and thus allow you to walk again immediately after your surgery. Its large volume and its lace closure system allow it to adapt to all shapes and sizes of post-operative dressings.

A system of spacers allows you to reduce the interior volume of HALTEN shoes to adapt to the non-operated foot. Thanks to this system, it is also possible to wear them for a longer time once the dressing has been removed and the foot deflated.

The comfort insoles are removable and can be replaced by orthopedic corrective insoles.

The duration of use depends on the medical prescription from your doctor (orthopedic surgeon, general practitioner, rheumatologist, sports doctor, etc.). It is not necessary to wear them before surgery, except in cases of pain.

Sold exclusively in pairs, it allows you to have a balanced walk and thus avoid back or knee pain that can appear when walking with two shoes of different heights.

The shoes, as well as the comfort soles, are washable with water and mild soap under running water. The spacers are washable with a sponge soaked in water.
Never put in the washing machine and never use solvents.

Choice of size

The shape and volume of the shoe take into account the swelling of the foot and the size of the postoperative dressing. We recommend ordering your usual size. If you buy different sizes depending on the brand, we recommend choosing the smallest size. Finally, if you have become accustomed to wearing shoes one size larger than your initial size, we invite you to take your initial size.

In the case of use for a fracture, opt for a smaller size.


I wear a size 38, I order a 38.

I wear 38 ½ - and according to some brands of 39, I order 38.

I initially wear a size 38, but due to the deformation of my foot and the pain, I have become accustomed to wearing a 39. In this case I order a 38.

I wear a size 38, I break a toe or a metatarsus, I order a 37.