HALTEN Premium Pack


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The Premium pack that we offer meets all your needs after your forefoot surgery. It consists of a pair of HALTEN shoes, a cryotherapy foot splint, a SONOV compression sock and a protective shower cover (free).



The post-operative pack that we offer allows you to meet all your needs during your rehabilitation, after a forefoot surgery.

PODONOV has developed 3 innovative products which each correspond to a particular need, in a specific phase of the rehabilitation.

- The pairs of shoes HALTEN provide excellent foot support and, thanks to the curved shape of their sole, allow easy and early resumption of walking while protecting the surgical procedure.
- The cryotherapy foot splint provides an analgesic effect while fighting against edema and postoperative bleeding.
- The SONOV sock helps fight against the onset and development of edema, when worn all day.
- PROTECNOV shower protector allows you to take a shower without the risk of wetting the bandage or the scar.

Choice of size

- HALTEN shoes

The shape and volume of the shoe take into account the swelling of the foot and the size of the postoperative dressing. We recommend ordering your usual size. If you buy different sizes depending on the brand, we recommend choosing the smallest size. Finally, if you have become accustomed to wearing shoes one size larger than your initial size, we invite you to take your initial size.

In the case of use for a fracture, opt for a smaller size.


I wear a size 38, I order a 38.

I wear 38 ½ - and according to some brands of 39, I order 38.

I initially wear a size 38, but due to the deformation of my foot and the pain, I have become accustomed to wearing a 39. In this case I order a 38.

I wear a size 38, I break a toe or a metatarsus, I order a 37.

If in doubt, you can refer to our downloadable pedimeter.

Download the pedometer HALTEN

- Podal'Ice foot cryotherapy splint:

Universal size, it adapts to all sizes, and can be used for both left and right feet.

- SONOV sock:

The SONOV sock can be stretched lengthwise without modifying the compression force. Therefore, in case of doubt, we recommend choosing the smallest size.


I wear 37 ½ - 38, I am between size II and size III, I choose size II.